Saturday, December 12, 2009

Summer Pudding = Yum!

Here it is, my classic 'Summer Pudding' made with our own black and red currants. Despite bird netting the birds were only kind enough to leave me 500gms on the first picking. It reminded me of last year when Toby ate them out of the bowl as quickly as I picked them. I kept the pud it the fridge overnight, and turned it out, drizzled on extra fruit syrup, and finally topped it with a few borage flowers. It is times like these when I am pleased my vigorous weeding failed as the borage flowers are such a fantastic blue.
It was Yorkshire Terrier's work's Christmas party last night. The company was great but unbelievably the venue under catered! How can that happen? I have never under catered. It was bizarre.


  1. this is odd I have left a comment and it appeared to be o.k. yet it's not there now. I wondered if the Yorkie had any hand in the arrangements for the "do", because if he did you could blame him.

  2. So you have only made one summer pudding in the last two weeks, that's truly terrible by your standards, get blogging sister dear.