Thursday, February 18, 2010


Fruit and booze. What a combination! After a weekend in Wellington(capital city) last weekend spent this week making progress through 12 kilos of greengages. Jam and preserving in brandy. That should see us through the winter. Speaking of which yesterday the nations highest temp.29. It felt like it with high humidity as well. Not really the weather for jam making. The workers came home and asked"What's for dinner?" My face said it all. So takeaways it was. Dessert evening at our place tonight - rhubarb and strawberry cobbler and Coffee, walnut and meringue cake. If the response is favourable I will post the recipes.


  1. Still have to send you my blackcurrant jam and one jar of plum, nothing on the jam or preserving front to report, the plums and pears next door are going to rack and to ruin. Too far up the trees to get them, can't risk Aj's live any more or so he tells me.

  2. I hope this works,message me if you don't get a notice.