Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's got my goat

OK enough already! this hunting/gathering thing is getting out of order. Monday night Mr H (the neighbour) knocks at the door to give me 2 legs of goat(young kid) actually. I had just the recipe Peter Kuruvita's goat curry from his cookbook ' Serendip'. A beautiful book, but for someone with limited access to Sri Lankan ingredients perhaps not practical. Still the curry was lovely. The meat perfect. Having stocked up on vegetables after a trip to the farm on Saturday it all came together wonderfully.The farm is situated on the western side of the central plateau of the North Island of New Zealand. it is primarily a cropping farm of carrots. Number 8 wire innovation has given way to advanced technology as the carrot harvester was invented by Ivan the driver in the picture.

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  1. Did you see one of the constestants in the NZ Masterchef thought that there was goat in the ragout, there wasn,t, but she had eaten it recently. Must be the meat of the moment.